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Whether you are looking for a new career; are fresh out of high school; or just curious about the beauty industry, we welcome prospective students to come visit our school and meet with us one-on-one to answer your questions and help discover if a career in beauty is right for you. We have full time and part time schedules so you can go to school when it works for you. Below is a list of admissions requirements that must be met for enrollment.

Admission Requirements

  • Prospective students must submit a completed school application form.

  • Eligible students must have English language proficiency as classes are taught in English. To ensure English language proficiency, applicants must demonstrate verbal proficiency in the in-person interview with school administrators (see below) and written proficiency by filling out the School Application Form. 

  • School Tour and Interview: All applicants must visit the school and complete an interview with school administrators. During the visit, applicants will be given a tour of the facilities and provided all necessary documentation including school catalog. The interview will include:

    • an outline of the content of the program,

    • a breakdown of the duration of the program by subject,

    • a program cost breakdown and payment schedule, and; 

    • a copy of the school’s policies, rules and regulations, and a copy of the Tuition Refund Policy 

  • Documentation Requirements: all applicants must provide the following:

    • Drivers licence or Birth Certificate to verify age of applicant

    • Proof of completion of the eighth grade (school transcript), and be 16 years of age, and have parent/guardian approval of application. 

  • Reentry Students will be accepted into programs after meeting the following requirements:

    • Submit $100 non-refundable application fee.

    • Pay all outstanding balances including those related to tuition, fees and overtime expenses (costs incurred for catching student up on any missed hours outside regular program hours) in advance of reentering programs.

    • If reentering the program within one year from the date of last attendance, previous tuition payments not refunded to student will be credited to the student's balance.

    • Reentering students will sign contract at current tuition costs and pay any additional tuition or associated fees if applicable.

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